My name is Ron Harris, in the last 20 years I have used my MagicFinger with over 200 models that I have directed for a girl masturbation site. I also used it with older women who I had a personal relationship with. No other vibrator can make this statement and prove that you will have the most earth-shattering orgasm of you entire life.

We now know that in order to make any product so that it always works,is to do what Apple does, they do not release any products until it works, they spend years satisfying themselves first and only releasing it when they are positive it works. One of my models Anastasia Black, 18 years old, had eleven orgasms in a row, I have never experienced a girl this orgasmic in my entire life. The average amount of orgasms my models experience is two. None of these girls have ever used my Magic Finger, before being booked for the shooting, but I did meet with them before and explained to them and their agent, that I require Real Orgasms and not the usual Fake ones they give everyone else. When I ask them to try it, they almost all always agree, that it will not be a problem with my Magic Finger. The expressions of joy after they have had after an intense orgasm is wonderful to behold. It is my opinion that women are most beautiful after they have had a great orgasm. Since you control the speed with your finger on top of my finger/vibrator, you never have to look for switches to change the speed. Unlike all other vibrators you can change the speed from zero to one hundred percent. So no matter what your age or libido is you finger customizes it for you while you are using it. Most of the women who have used this change the speed depending on how long they want there orgasm to last, or how intense they would like it to be.




In my private life I have used my Magic Finger to assist me in always giving my partner multiple orgasms. This requires me to wait until she has had all the orgasms that she needs. Men always say they cannot hold it longer!. To that I say they need to try harder and go slower. What they don’t seem to get is the longer they wait the better their orgasm will be and the happier there woman will be! Happy satisfied women usually want more sex. The only reason this can be done with my MagicFinger is it does not get in the way of my partner’s holding the vibrator on her clitoris, no matter what position we are in. If you can get your partner to use this, with you, your sex life will never be the same! I certainly cannot conceive of having sex without my MagicFinger. The MagicFinger vibrates at low speed and at high speed moves more like your finger would if it could. It is both a vibrator and a super-human finger that can move hundreds of times a second With the use of one finger pressing on the end, you can reduce it to vibrations or let it go like a Ferrari. I started with a smaller slower motor twenty years ago. And in working with these women I have had to increase the strength of the motor three times to satisfy the latest women who have more experience with vibrators do to Facebook and pornography. They always have a draw full of discarded toys, that they tried once and gave up on.

Our first shipment from Switzerland is due in November 2016. Please send us your name and email address so that we may notify you when they do arrive.

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